Django and Wiremock: End-to-end tests made easy

Rรดmulo Jales 13:00 stage ๐ŸŽค

๐Ÿฆ @romulojales

Do you have tests that start your Django project and then test it by making “real” calls to external APIs?

In this talk I’m gonna introduce the concept of end-to-end tests and how to use Wiremock to help achieve its objectives alongside a Django project.


Tests are a central element that guarantees a project performs what has been designed for and preserves the same behavior as it grows, changes and evolves.

It is common that projects consume 3rd parties APIs, and many projects decide either to make a real call to the API or not test the flows that consume those APIs at all. This setup is not ideal.

As an alternative, we can use wiremock to avoid making real calls and create a good end-to-end test environment.

In this presentation, I describe what is an end-to-end test, why they are important and how to create them, using concepts that I use successfully in projects that run in production. Also, I demonstrate how to analyse a bug, using end-to-end tests and how wiremock is really useful in this situation.

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